Team Boyland Pushes for Subway Repairs
June 7, 2005

After numerous constituents have complained about the state of desolation that subway stations at East 98th and Rockaway Avenue have fallen into, Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. and William Boyland Sr. are proud to announce that talks are currently underway with Metropolitan Transportation Authority to renovate these facilities.

"Team Boyland" has sighted that both stations have problems with crumbling stairs, rusted platforms, and broken overhead lights. In addition, neither station complies with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. Title II of the ADA pertaining to State and Local Governments providing transportation protects individuals with disabilities from discrimination. Neither East 98th nor Rockaway Avenue Station is handicap accessible. Team Boyland is demanding the immediate restoration of these stations and the installation of an elevator for people with disabilities.

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