We Need To Get The Ball Rolling On Stimulus Funding

A legislative column from Assemblyman Tom McKevitt (R, C, I-East Meadow)
February 25, 2009

After weeks of partisan debate about the economic stimulus plan, the package has finally come to fruition. This was no doubt a sensitive issue. Some were strongly opposed to this legislation and thought it was nothing more than another government bailout. On the flip side of the coin, others found it vital to the long-term stability of our country and to prevent another depression similar to the one of the early twentieth century.

Whether you opposed or supported this drastic measure, the bottom line is the funding is on its way. With that, it is absolutely critical for Governor Paterson to get this money moving quickly. We cannot afford to wait around and let New York State slip further into a recession while this funding is sitting in some government coffer and not being used.

We need to create projects that create jobs that create some worthwhile result that will be beneficial to our state for years to come. The Hoover Dam project of the 1930s is a textbook example of how this money should be spent. This construction project created thousands of jobs. The end result was the world’s largest electric-generating facility through environmentally-friendly hydroelectricity. The Hoover Dam is still used today, some 70 years later.

We need to create these types of “big picture” projects here in New York with this economic stimulus funding. Projects that not only create jobs now, but provide a service that will be beneficial to New York residents now and for decades down the road.

While it is not yet fully known what type of funding will be provided to our Long Island region, it is absolutely crucial for these projects to focus on revitalizing and modernizing our infrastructure so our region can be a lucrative place for businesses and other entities to invest.