McKevitt Pushes “Budget For The Squeezed”

The Assembly Minority offers amendments to help working families
March 13, 2008

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt (R,C,I-East Meadow) yesterday joined his colleagues in presenting amendments to the budget that would directly benefit hard-working, middle-class families. All of the proposals, however, were shot down by the Assembly Majority.

“While I am always optimistic that we can get meaningful legislation passed that would help overburdened taxpayers, I am not surprised that we were stonewalled,” said McKevitt. “We tried to cut the personal income tax to help people make ends meet and we were stopped. We tried to eliminate the gas tax and we were stopped. We tried to make healthcare more affordable and we were stopped. We tried to streamline government agencies, increase efficiency and save money and again we were stopped.”

McKevitt and his conference proposed the following measures that were voted down:

  • Cutting the personal income tax for individuals earning $75,000 a year or less as well as families earning $150,000 a year or less
  • Eliminating all of the excessive state gas taxes and begin taxing oil company profits
  • Reinstating nearly $65 million in healthcare cuts which put seniors, the poor and children at risk
  • Abolishing the Thruway Authority and merging it with the Department of Transportation
  • Implementing a tax relief plan for small businesses to promote job growth and spur the economy

“My constituents are crying out for real tax relief to ease the strain on their wallets,” added McKevitt. “These proposals would have helped all residents afford many of the simple things they need every day. However, partisan politics rules Albany, and common sense solutions are too often ignored by those who do not understand what hard-working families have to deal with. However, I’ll continue to fight for what I know is best and what my New Yorkers need.”