McKevitt And Alfano Blast MTA For Failure To Share Study

Local officials kept in the dark
February 8, 2008
Assemblyman Tom McKevitt (R,C,I-East Meadow) was joined today by Assemblyman Thomas Alfano (R,I,C,WF-21st District) in demanding that an environmental study, conducted by the MTA regarding the future of the 3rd track project, be shared with all local elected officials. Instead, the study was passed on to the Federal Government and local residents can only guess as to what it contains.

“This is just another example of the typical, insider politics that goes on at the MTA,” declared McKevitt. “It is my job to look out for the well-being of my constituents and all those on Long Island and we deserve to know what that study has found. For the MTA to give this document to the Federal Government and not to the local officials for those residents who will be directly affected by this proposed project is outrageous. This is ridiculous, but not unexpected from the MTA.”

“The MTA thinks that our communities are asleep at the switch and they couldn’t be more wrong,” said Alfano. “What’s the MTA afraid of today? Show us the study and let the people know. If the MTA thinks we’re going to sit quietly on this, they couldn’t be more wrong.”

McKevitt’s criticism comes just weeks after previous problems with the MTA and their policies and procedures. Recently, they planned to raise the tolls for commuters on Long Island and radioactive shipments were traveling through Nassau County without prior notification to the local communities.