McKevitt Calls On Governor To Give Long Island Its Fair Share

Governor must cap property taxes to lessen burden on homeowners
January 7, 2008

In anticipation of Spitzer’s State of the State Address, Assemblyman Tom McKevitt (R,C,I-East Meadow) today expressed his desire that Long Island not be overlooked when the Governor outlines his plans for 2008. While many promises were made throughout his campaign and last year to help Long Island, Spitzer failed to follow through and deliver on most of them.

“From Spitzer’s proposal last year to cut aid to Long Island, to his failure to step in and block MTA rate hikes, he has not won over many Long Islanders,” said McKevitt. “The easiest way for the Governor to do so would be to lower our taxes and provide some real relief to middle class, working families. One way he can do this is by proposing a cap on property taxes.”

Although the idea has been informally tossed around by members of his staff, Spitzer has failed to commit to a cap. Many people believe that the State of the State Address will be the proper stage for Spitzer to declare such a policy change.

“I want to see this Governor succeed because if he does, that will mean that Long Island is moving forward and our tax burden will be lessened,” added McKevitt. “I am more than willing to collaborate with any elected official who wants to bring meaningful property tax relief, the Governor included. Hopefully, we can get this done soon. My constituents need it.”