McKevitt Blasts LIRR/MTA For Failing To Notify Residents Of Radioactive Shipments

4,000 cubic feet of soil to be shipped to Utah from Brookhaven National Laboratory
December 13, 2007
Assemblyman Tom McKevitt (R,C,I-East Meadow) today expressed his outrage over shipments of contaminated soil that are slated to travel through Long Island in the near future. If that weren’t bad enough, residents who are affected were not notified in a timely manner of the risks that could occur.

“Apparently, the LIRR and the MTA believe the old adage that it’s better to ask forgiveness than beg permission,” said McKevitt. “However, they could not be more wrong. The residents in communities that this waste travels through have a right to know what is going on. We do not deserve to be left in the dark, especially when potentially harmful materials are traveling through our backyards. This practice of failing to notify us is inexcusable, unacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue.”

McKevitt and other local leaders and elected officials have been outspoken against the radioactive shipments. McKevitt referred to an agreement set up between the LIRR and New York City that ensures proper notification of harmful shipments, which could serve as a model that could be applied to Long Island to make sure this no longer happens.

“While I understand that it is important to clean up Brookhaven National Laboratory, and they have been an asset to Long Island, there has to be a better way to communicate with local residents about these shipments,” added McKevitt. “I will work with local elected officials to come to an agreement so we are never blindsided by an occurrence like this again.”