McKevitt Criticizes Assembly For Failure To Act On Spitzer’s Driver’s License Policy

October 23, 2007

Speaking from the Assembly floor today, Assemblyman Tom McKevitt (R,I,C-East Meadow) criticized the failure of the state Assembly to stop Governor Spitzer from implementing a policy that would issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

“The people of New York have voiced, loud and clear, their objections to this policy,” said McKevitt. “Today, we had an opportunity to ensure our public safety and the use of a driver’s license as a form of identification. It is very unfortunate that this opportunity has passed us by. The protection of our residents is our most important responsibility. We must act now to carry out that charge.”

Under the rule change being implemented by the Department of Motor Vehicles, county clerks will be directed to disregard current New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 502, subsection 1, which mandates all individuals seeking a driver’s license from the state of New York show proof of citizenship in the form of a Social Security number.

The first amendment offered by the Assembly Minority today would rescind the governor’s proposal by, once again, ensuring those wishing to obtain a license provide a valid Social Security number. The second amendment offered would protect the courageous county clerks who have stood up to Governor Spitzer and refused to follow his order despite the threat of lawsuits at taxpayers’ expense.

McKevitt said due to the lack of action from the Assembly, Governor Spitzer’s rule change goes into effect on November 1, 2007 unless the courts intervene as a result of a court challenge.