McKevitt: State Budget Contains Record-High School Aid Numbers

April 1, 2007

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt (R,C,I-East Meadow) today announced that the $121 billion state budget contains record school aid numbers for Long Island schools that were shortchanged under the governor’s original proposal. He also noted that not only does the budget include a $6 billion property tax rebate check program, over three years, providing Long Island taxpayers with some relief, but it also restores the governor’s health care cuts to hospitals and nursing homes.

“During this budget process, I have worked hard to ensure that our schools would be given the tools necessary to provide our children with a quality education,” said McKevitt. “I am pleased that my colleagues and I were able to deliver Long Island schools record aid.”

“I am also pleased to announce that Long Island taxpayers will once again receive property tax rebate checks to combat the skyrocketing property tax increases that are draining their wallets and, in some cases, forcing them to sell their homes,” McKevitt said.

“Cutting resources to our community hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics would have been disastrous,” McKevitt said. “This budget not only puts patients first but also gives people quality health care at an affordable cost.”