Assemblyman McKevitt Brings About Positive Change For New York

2006 Legislative Accomplishments
July 25, 2006

Throughout the 2006 legislative session, Assemblyman Tom McKevitt (R,C,I – East Meadow) worked hard to bring about positive change for those that live and work in New York state.

As a member of the New York State Assembly minority conference, Assemblyman McKevitt’s plan to create a better place to live and do business has led to the passage of many effective measures, including:

  • Passage of Real Property Tax Relief rebate checks worth 30% of a homeowner’s STAR savings;
  • Passage of the $330 per-child Empire State Child Tax Credit;
  • Delivering relief at the pumps by capping the state sales tax on gasoline; and
  • Record increases in education aid and library aid for Nassau County.

“I ran for Assembly so that I would be able to represent the people of Nassau County and work to make their lives better,” said McKevitt. “Having the privilege to be a new member of the New York Assembly, I know that it is my responsibility to do what is best for the people of Long Island and New York as a whole.”

The future is bright for New Yorkers, added McKevitt, with his “Roadmap for the Future,” which will work to bring about effective long-term tax relief and safer communities for families. McKevitt is committed to the future of New York, and his plan includes the following:

  • Enactment of comprehensive long-term property tax relief in the “Saving Our Homes” plan;
  • Civil confinement of the most dangerous sexual predators;
  • Passage of “Jessica’s Law,” which would provide harsher penalties for violent sex offenders;
  • Elimination of the statute of limitations for violent sex crimes; and
  • Creation of the Alternative Fuel Incentive Fund to transition away from fossil fuels.

This legislative session, the Assembly minority, with the leadership of Assemblyman McKevitt, won a number of decisive battles which proved to benefit all New Yorkers.

“It is my goal to keep New York the best state in the country to live and work in,” stated McKevitt. “We have a great foundation to build from. Last session’s success is just the beginning and I promise to continue working hard to bring about the reform we need.”