Assemblyman McKevitt Brings Added Funding For Education

April 3, 2006
This year’s state budget will include a $1.1 billion increase in funding for education, a record amount. Assemblyman Tom McKevitt (R,C,I – East Meadow) has worked to assure that schools in Nassau get their fair share of funding for a successful school year.

Schools in Nassau County will receive over $681 million, $62 million more than last year.

$94.6 million in aid will go to public libraries and $59.7 million will be provided to prevent a $500 SUNY tuition increase. Additional money is also slated for teacher training programs and children’s education and learning programs.

“Providing our teachers with continuing education will allow them to stay current with today’s technology,” said McKevitt. “This will in turn, give them the opportunity to teach our children for tomorrow’s challenges, to prepare them for a world that is constantly changing and moving forward.”

$37 million will go to Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers, which provide additional training and assistance to teachers, and $6 million will be given to the Teacher Mentor Intern program.

$2.6 billion is set for the Expanding Our Children’s Education & Learning (EXCEL) capital program.

“I am glad to say that we were able to achieve both of our fundamental goals,” added McKevitt. “Increased funding for schools and lower property tax bills.”

Schools will also receive $805 million to fund a new STAR rebate program to provide additional property tax relief.

“We will bring a larger share of education funding to downstate,” said McKevitt. “It seems that our schools often get the short end of the stick, however, this year I assure you that they will receive the aid they need so that we can provide our children with the best education possible.”