McKevitt, Assembly Minority Unveil “Patriot Plan IV”

Package of legislative initiatives will provide benefits for military personnel and veterans
March 21, 2006

Assemblyman Tom McKevitt (R,C,I-East Meadow) today joined his Assembly minority colleagues in unveiling Patriot Plan IV, a comprehensive package of initiatives aimed at providing new and additional benefits for New York’s military personnel and veterans.

“Patriot Plan IV provides the additional benefits that will help ease the mind of our military men and women as they valiantly serve to protect our families,” McKevitt said “We owe it to our military personnel to build upon previous plans and provide the highest standard of aid to those who serve our country.”

Patriot Plan IV builds upon the bipartisan success of Patriot Plans I, II and III, all of which were enacted in previous legislative sessions. Each version of the Assembly minority Patriot Plan provided essential benefits, financial assistance, and tax breaks that bring peace of mind to current servicemen and women and ease the burden our veterans face.

McKevitt noted that Patriot Plan IV is wide ranging including the expansion of the veterans real property tax exemption to provide additional housing assistance for National Guard members. The plan also ensures that state and local government employees wounded in the line of duty receive performance of duty disability retirement benefits.

“This comprehensive plan once again illustrates the Assembly minority’s unwavering commitment to military personnel and veterans that make New York proud,” McKevitt remarked.

Additional highlights of Patriot Plan IV include:

  • Patriot Family Support Fund – Creates a tax-exempt “Patriot Family Support Fund” donation designation on New York state income tax returns.
  • National Guard/Reserve Education Benefits for Surviving Family Members – Provides free tuition, room and board at SUNY and CUNY schools for survivors of state military personnel.
  • Property Tax Exemptions – Allows additional official military documentation other than the DD-214 to be eligible for the veterans’ real property tax exemption.
  • Veterans Home, Rehabilitation and Land Ownership Assistance Loans – Authorizes the state Housing Finance Agency (HFA) to provide home purchase and rehabilitation loans of up to 20 percent of the value of the home to honorably discharged veterans. Provides up to 20 percent of the value of a home for rehabilitation and repair or up to $40,000 for the purchase of unimproved real property.
  • Home Loan Guarantee – Expands the federal home loan guarantee for VA qualified state Guard and Reserve veterans by providing a state tax credit for the extra three-quarters of a percent difference in funding fee charges between VA active-duty veterans and eligible guard and reserve veterans.
  • Exempt Military Pay Subject to State Income Tax – Exempts federal active duty income from state taxes for permanent state residents who maintain a permanent address in New York state and served on federal active duty outside the state for 90 or more days during the tax year; permanent residence outside the state for the entire tax year; residence in New York other than their permanent address while serving on federal active duty orders.