Assemblyman McKevitt Pushes for More Property Tax Relief

Assembly minority pushing for real agreement for property taxpayers before time runs out
March 13, 2006
Assemblyman Tom McKevitt (R,C,I – East Meadow) today joined with his Assembly minority colleagues to discuss holes in the property tax reduction package unveiled by the Assembly majority.

While Assembly minority members have proposed a comprehensive plan to save New Yorkers money on their property tax bills, their majority counterparts have responded with a package that, according to McKevitt, “simply doesn’t cut it.”

“Our residents are facing an increasingly difficult burden with the third highest property tax rates in the country,” stated McKevitt. “The plan myself and the Assembly minority conference champion covers all of the bases. However, their plan will fail to provide all of the necessary relief homeowners need.”

The Assembly minority proposal, introduced a month ago, includes restoration of state aid for school districts and enhancements to the STAR program, which would save taxpayers $1.7 billion. Medicaid fraud will be targeted in the Assembly minority plan and intensely investigated by the Medicaid Inspector General and the Medicaid Fraud Interagency task force. Medicaid fraud and waste currently costs New York taxpayers an estimated $4.5 billion annually.

McKevitt noted that the Assembly minority’s property tax relief plan will save Nassau county homeowners an average of $1,019 and seniors approximately $1,483 per year.

“There is time left to come to an agreement, but we need to hurry,” added McKevitt. “Every second that ticks by is an opportunity lost.”