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Celebrate the Food grown in New York State!


Display a cornucopia of NY foods - dairy products, fresh and canned goods of vegetables and fruits, pickles, sauerkraut, vinegar, cider, maple syrup, honey. Use empty milk, yogurt, ice cream and egg cartons, juice bottles etc. as substitutes for perishable foods.


As a backdrop, use the Northeast Regional Food Pyramid, bumper stickers and other items listed below to add color and information.


For photos of farms in your region from the Taste, Face & Place of NY Farms! Photo Contest, call 1-888-NYFARMS.

Bumper stickers NY FARMS! Buy Locally Grown! in white type on bright green background. Looks great on cars and displays. Call 1-888-NYFARMS

Western NY Locally Grown! Locally Known! - Our Lakes Make It Local
Two large full-color posters feature photos of farm products and the people who grow them; sets of info cards on The Value of Buying Local, Seasonality of Foods, and The Gift of the Glaciers; self-adhesive logo stickers, activities for kids, suggestions for displays. Genesee County Cooperative Extension 716-343-3040 x118

The Northeast Regional Food Guide
Colorful poster shows USDA Food Pyramid with foods grown and processed in the Northeast. Fact sheets on what is grown in our region; how to create a regional seasonal menu.
Cornell University 607-255-7660 http://www.nutrition.cornell.edu/FoodGuide/

Posters of Farms, Foods, Forests
Posters on agriculture, from pumpkins to milk to cranberries. Request order form Cornell Educational Resources Program http://cerp.cornell.edu/store email: cerp@cornell.edu 607-255-1837

NY Apple Country Posters and Activity Sheets
Many great resources on NY apples, including posters. Classroom activity sheets can be downloaded from NY Apple Country Web site or call NY Apple Association 585-924-2171

Love NY Vegetables Stickers NYS Vegetable Growers Assoc. Limited quantities 315-687-5734

Leafy Greens Council - Poster, cards, stickers, balloons
651-484-3321   A 26-page lesson plan for elementary grade teachers, and balloons, stickers, cards tie-in to menu items such as cabbage, spinach, romaine, collards, kale.

Curriculum and Classroom Resources
Five-page listing of titles in Garden-Based Learning, Integrated Curricula, Nutrition/Cooking/ Food Science, Environment, and more, available on loan from Politics of Food Resource Center, Rochester. Also, an annotated bibliography of children's fiction on gardening topics that can be found at public libraries. 585-232-1463

Catalog of Agricultural, Environmental & Science Education Resources; 64 pages. Cornell Educational Resources Program and NY Ag-in-the-Classroom 607-255-1837 http://cerp.cornell.edu/store

Calf Adoption Program and other resources NY Farm Bureau Foundation 518-436-8495


Where to Find NY-Grown Farm Products

Cornell Cooperative Extension
Ask your local county Extension offices for listings of local farmers who sell wholesale.
Note: Look under Cornell Cooperative Extension in the phone book. Ask to speak to Fruit or Vegetable Agricultural Agents, or Agricultural Economic Development staff.

New York State Apple Association
PO Box 350
Fishers, NY 14453-0350
ph: (585) 924-2171
Ask for their listing of wholesalers for apples and cider.
Visit their extensive NY Apple Country Web site.

New York State Dairy Foods, Inc.
201 So. Main St. Suite 302
North Syracuse, NY 13212
(315) 452-MILK (452-6455)
Ask for names of dairy processors who produce yogurt, cheeses, sour cream, and ice cream from New York milk.

NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets
Pride of New York Program
1 Winners Circle, Albany, NY 12235 (800) 554-4501
Search Pride of NY farms who sell wholesale at http://www.agmkt.state.ny.us/PONYSearch.asp
Search local farms who sell direct to consumers at http://www.agmkt.state.ny.us/FFGSearch.asp

New York State Vegetable Growers Association
PO Box 70
Kirkville, NY 13082
(315) 687-5734
Send a request on letterhead for the NYS Vegetable Growers Association Shippers' Directory.

Ask your wholesalers to identify their sources of New York farm products.
For additional guidance for working with local farmers and wholesalers, contact NY Farms! at (315) 255-9267.

NY Farms!  PO Box 1491 Auburn, NY 13021  phone (315) 255-9267  fax (315) 255-9283

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