As you know, the family farm is vital to our State's economy. We should all be open to promoting and using New York products in our school meals programs. A great way for you to get started is by being part of New York Harvest for New York Kids Week, September 28th - October 6th. Enclosed is information on growers, wholesalers and processors of NY grown products. Get started today planning for this event. Plan a whole month!

New York State School Food Service Association and NYFarms! recognizes creative Harvest Week projects through their Partnership Awards. Two categories of awards will be given to participating school lunch programs, Merchandising/Promoting or Working with Local Farm(er)s.

In 2001, Jo Ellen Martino, School Lunch Director of Geneva City School District, won the "Merchandising with Farm Products" award; Todd Adelman, Food Service Director of NYC Brooklyn Special Schools won the "Working with Local Farmers" category.

You must submit your entry by November 29th, 2002, to:

New York State School Food Service Association (NYSSFA)
125 Wolf Road
Albany, New York 12205

Submission of no more than ten pages, including pictures and news articles, will be judged by an impartial panel and awards will be given at the NYSSFA Legislative Conference in Albany. Any questions, call Ray Denniston at 607 763-1216.

Make the commitment to work from Field-to-Farm-to-Table and be a leader in your community. Form a partnership with a local farmer. This year will be an exciting harvest time and a great way to link the school, farmers and the community. Start planning today!

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The award criteria for judging are:

Impact   35 Points - The panel will be judging what impact your project had on the children, their families, local farmers, and the school meal program in your community. Please indicate what effects your project had in those areas.

Measurability   10 Points - You should demonstrate how you measured evidence of the impact on children, their families, meal program, community and farm(er)s.

Transferability   25 Points - Successful projects should be "transferable" so that other schools will be able to easily implement this activity. Your entry should contain details on "How to" make this activity work.

Innovation   20 Points - Points will be awarded for creative ideas, good use of product, new and improved methods of serving New York Products, and clever uses of material and supplies.

Sustainability   10 Points - Your project should be something that can be repeated, and expanded, in future years during New York Harvest for New York Kids Week.

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NY Farms


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Please mail this form and your submission of no more than ten pages to:

New York State School Food Service Association
125 Wolf Road
Albany, New York 12205

Submission deadline: November 29, 2002

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