Have you ever heard of "New York Harvest for New York Kids Week"? It is an annual designation by the State Assembly to promote good nutrition, as well as to encourage kids, schools, and families to purchase, consume, and learn about local foods and agriculture. Earlier this year the State Legislature and the Governor approved a new Farm-to-School Law that includes Harvest Week as one of its features. In 2002, Harvest Week will be celebrated September 28th - October 6th.

The new law, including Harvest Week, is intended to help reverse the trend of a declining number of farms by encouraging schools to feature New York foods in their menus and inspiring families to eat more New York-grown foods as part of a program to improve their diets. So few families have any connection to the land any more. Harvest Week offers an opportunity for urban, suburban, and even rural children to learn more about farming and local foods.

What can you do to mark Harvest Week? Here are a few ideas:

  • Organize a visit to a local farm or market or a farmer visit to your school.
  • Work with your local Cooperative Extension to organize activities in school or in the community.
  • Work with a local farm organization or farmers' market to highlight New York foods at a fall festival.

More information about how to celebrate Harvest Week is available from (your organization) the State Assembly Task Force on Food, Farm and Nutrition Policy, Room 547, Capitol, Albany, NY 12248; phone (518) 455-5203; Fax (518) 455-5573; e-mail: sternr@assembly.state.ny.us

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