New York State
Energy Plan

A Comprehensive Plan to Solve
New York’s Energy Price Crisis

Sheldon Silver
Speaker of the Assembly

Paul A. Tokasz
Assembly Majority Leader

Paul D. Tonko
Assembly Energy Chair

New York State Assembly Seal

May 2001

June 20, 1996

"And as we move into a competitive market, rates are going to come down for all classes of ratepayers...Rates are not going to go up for any specific class of customers."

- John O'Mara, Chairman of the Public Service Commission and architect of Governor Pataki's failed deregulation plan
Testimony before the Assembly Committee on Energy

April 17, 2001

"On average, prices have more than doubled. These increased wholesale prices are slowly, but inexorably, affecting consumers throughout this state."

- Multiple Intervenors testimony to the ISO Board of Directors and Management Committee Meeting

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