Assembly Energy Committee Chair Cahill Statement on Power For Jobs Reform

April 28, 2010

Albany – Assembly Energy Committee Chair Kevin Cahill (D-Ulster Dutchess) released the following statement regarding proposals to reform the Power For Jobs Program:

“Last year, when we extended Power For Jobs we made a commitment to create a stable, long-term program that will hold businesses accountable for creating jobs and capital investment. After extensive hearings and roundtables conducted by the Energy Committees in both houses, which gathered input from business leaders and economic development experts in all corners of the state, I introduced the ‘Power Solutions Program’ (A10053). This legislation received broad bi-partisan support when it passed the Assembly Energy Committee in early April.

“The Power Solutions Program recognizes individual companies have different demands and provides the flexibility to help meet the current and future energy needs of businesses. In order to participate in the program, businesses would be required to develop and commit to solid, long range plans for meeting energy efficiency benchmarks, capital investment goals, and job creation and retention targets. The bill includes strong compliance review provisions that would direct the Power Authority to revoke or reduce awards if a recipient is deemed not to be in compliance with their commitments.

“The legislation is currently the only proposal that would require the full offset of any costs associated with the transfer of hydro power resources from residential customers for the purposes of economic development. Power Solutions directs the Power Authority to offer all residential customers currently receiving hydro power with a permanent equivalent savings through energy efficiency.

“On April 15th, I wrote to Governor Paterson and the leaders of the Senate Energy Committee, requesting that we work collaboratively toward reaching an agreement. In that letter, I noted the success of our deliberative and transparent approach which is evidenced by three remarkably similar pieces of legislation. Like the Power Solutions Program, each of those initiatives proposes to create a stable, accountable and lasting program to provide New York State with the flexibility it needs to help companies effectively address their energy challenges in exchange for commitments to job growth, capital investment and efficiency.

"Simply extending Power for Jobs for another year is not an option. I look forward to negotiating the few remaining differences in our proposals so we can finally enact a permanent program with strong accountability measures that will provide the long term energy stability that businesses need to commit to New York.”