VI. Promoting Tourism Destinations

Tourism remains one of the most powerful forces in New York’s economic engine.
  • Tourism is responsible for over 765,000 jobs, while direct tourist spending throughout the State accounts for over $21 billion a year.
  • Another $20.4 billion of tourist spending is generated through indirect activity.
  • The State’s 56,000 travel and tourism related businesses produce over $2 billion in tax revenues annually.
New York’s tourism industry has many components.
  • Cultural institutions, including performing arts, such as dance, music and theater, community service organizations, museums, galleries, heritage areas and historical sites, are all major elements of the State’s tourism industry.
  • Arts organizations alone have a $13.4 billion statewide economic impact and employ 183,000 people, and arts-related businesses contribute over $480 million annually in tax revenue.
All of this activity is generated despite the lack of a coordinated strategy on the part of the State.

The Assembly Majority believes that a local and regional approach, in conjunction with a scaled back Statewide effort, offers the greatest opportunity to market the many interesting and exciting tourism destinations. The Assembly plan coordinates and enhances the promotion of New York’s tourism destinations by investing in:

  1. Regional Tourism Promotion
    $11.015 million
    ($6 million for regional activities)
Statewide tourism promotion, exemplified by the "I Love New York" program, typically undervalues many local and regional tourism destinations in favor of a few favored venues.

The Assembly Majority’s plan administers a portion of the "I Love New York" program on a regional basis by local tourism officials who better understand the needs and priorities of their regions.

  1. Local Tourism Matching Grants
    $6.77 million
This program provides grants to local tourism promotion agents (TPAs) to promote tourism destinations within their regions. It provides the necessary help to promote the smaller, more off-the-beaten-path, yet unique, tourism destinations.
  1. Motion Picture Investment Fund
    $3 million; $10 million over 3 years
It is estimated that film, television, and commercials –– the traditional electronic media –– and the new internet-based digital media represent an emerging vital industry that generates as much as $10 billion per year in economic activity and 170,000 jobs.

Growing competition from other localities, particularly Canada, has led to the decline of the State’s (and the United States’) feature film and television production industry. The Assembly Majority’s plan creates a Motion Picture Investment Fund to help finance independent films, increase marketing strategies, and provide enhanced film education.

  1. Sports and Recreation Tourism
    $1 million
Sports and Recreation are a major component and a growing segment of the global tourism industry. The State boasts many professional, semi-professional, and amateur franchises in all of the major sports.

The Assembly Majority’s plan would uniquely market these economic resources.

  1. Cultural Tourism
    $1 million
Cultural tourism relates to the appreciation and enjoyment of various media, locations, and events. It includes history, art, music, museums, architecture, zoos, botanical gardens, aquariums, and other cultural amenities.

Data show that cultural tourists take more trips, stay longer and have more disposable income than traditional vacation travelers. The Assembly Majority’s plan supports the State’s numerous cultural institutions and tourist destinations.

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