Transcript: The Remarks of Speaker Sheldon Silver - Rockefeller Drug Law Press Conference

Audio Excerpt 1
"The cornerstone of our plan is to further reduce crime rates by ensuring that non-violent offenders complete effective drug treatment," said Silver.

Audio Excerpt 2
"A host of other people standing here have been talking for many years about Rockefeller reform before we got the Governor and the Senate to do something last year. Whatís important is, we want the public to know and we want you to know that we havenít forgotten the commitment to the next step in Rockefeller reform," said Silver.

Audio Excerpt 3
"The Assembly majority plan gives judges greater discretion to impose appropriate sentences, including treatments that fit the facts and circumstances of each drug related crime," said Silver.

Audio Excerpt 4
"We increase sentences on major drug traffickers. We increase sentences for adult offenders who use children in their drug peddling. And we impose a mandatory five year determinate sentence on offenders who carry a loaded handgun while selling or attempting to sell illicit drugs," said Silver.